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Every four years, residents in the Northern Territory are required to vote for who will represent them on their local government council.

It is an important decision because local government is the layer of government closest to the people. When residents have a concern about something in their community, the local council is where people go first.

Becoming an elected member of a council is a great way to influence the direction of your community.

We need more people to nominate for council

Our councils are as strong as the individuals elected to them. We are lucky to have many fine council members in the Northern Territory, but not enough members of the community nominate to run for council. On average, fewer than two persons nominated for each council position in the 2017 local government elections.

Our councils are stronger when there is more competition for council positions.

We need more diversity

Our councils are stronger when they reflect the diversity of the communities they represent. In the 2017 local government elections both women and young adults (18-35 years) were under-represented in the nominations for local council positions.

Diversity on councils is important because councils represent the interests of all members of their communities.

LGANT is committed to inspiring people from all walks of life to nominate for local council in the August 2025 elections.

Why not you?

If you have a strong desire to make a difference in your community then you should consider nominating for council.

Too many people do not consider running for local council because they believe they have insufficient leadership experience, knowledge or skills. In fact, experience is not needed. New council members receive training and professional development opportunities to fill any gaps in skills or knowledge.

Remember, no one has all the leadership skills, knowledge and experience on their first day as a new councillor, these are developed over time.

Give serious consideration to nominating for council if you are:

  • passionate about your community
  • someone who likes to get things done
  • a good listener
  • eager to learn and participate
  • wanting a rewarding challenge.

Nomination Process

The first step on your path to becoming a councillor is nominating for a council position.

Most people are eligible to stand for election to council if they are:

  • an Australian citizen
  • aged 18 years or above
  • enrolled within the council’s area.

There are some reasons why a person may not be eligible to be a member of a council. These are set forth in section 47 of the Local Government Act 2019. Anyone considering nominating for a position on council should check that they meet each of the criteria.

After confirming that you are eligible to nominate for a council position, fill out a nomination form. You can obtain a nomination form from the Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) or your local council office. Other resources such as a candidate handbook, are also available from NTEC.


For information on enrolling or updating your enrolment information visit NTEC.