Procurement and Local Buy

Local Buy for councils

Local Buy’s strict prequalified supplier process effectively means that local government can access a range of goods and services through a quotation rather than a tender process. Local Buy also offers an electronic tendering system and a managed tender service, whereby councils can effectively outsource their tendering activities and can also act as a probity advisor on strategic or high-risk procurements.

If your council requires assistance with utilising Local Buy Arrangements as part of your procurement process, please contact Senior Engagement Managers, Tina Pholi or Jeremy Walker

Local Buy for suppliers

LGANT wants to ensure that local businesses are getting a fair slice of the work and projects offered by councils and to make the process as easy as possible, which is why we have partnered with Local Buy.

Being a Local Buy supplier not only provides you with more business, more opportunities, and more brand visibility with local councils and many other organisations, but it also saves you time and money in submitting many tenders. 

Please contact Local Buy for more information on how to become a supplier today.