LGANT Rates and Finance Symposium


LGANT Rates and Finance Symposium – Program
(last updated 20/02/2024)


Day 1 – Rates

Benchmarking Comparisons | Categorisation | Planning Matters | Rating Matters | Rate in the Dollar Value
John Perry – Mead Perry Group

Conditional Rating | Exemptions and Concessions | Sale of Land |
Debt Recovery

Local Government Unit

Mineral Titles and Strike Software
Carla McConachy – Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

Valuation Data
Mark Kay and Sam Clements – Valuation Services

Rates Declaration
Richard Giles – HWL Ebsworth

Day 2 – Finance

Local Government Act 2019 Reporting | Monthly Finance Report | Budgets | Compliance
Mary Joseph and Bilal Abbas – Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet

Procurement and Local Buy
Meriel Corbett-Weir – LGANT

Financial Sustainability
Tony Pizzuto – LG Solutions

Insurance and Asset Management
Chris Kempton – JLT

Importance and Value of Data
Keirstyn Spencer – KPMG

NT Remuneration for Elected Members
Michael Martin – NT Remuneration Tribunal