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General and Annual General Meetings

LGANT holds two General Meetings each year, with its Annual General Meeting (AGM) after the second General Meeting. At the first General Meeting, members approve the LGANT annual budget, membership subscriptions and strategic plan. At the AGM, the forward budget and Annual Report for the previous financial year are tabled.

The two General Meetings have a conference segment where keynote speakers are given the opportunity to present on important issues affecting local government. The meetings are run over two days and held either in Darwin or Alice Springs. A range of matters including policy development, decision-making, networking and information sharing are considered in the program design.

Processes followed at the meetings are determined under LGANT’s Constitution and Governance Charter.

Special Meetings

Clause 12(a)(i) of LGANT’s Constitution specifies that the President or three (3) or more Member Councils may request a Special Meeting be convened. The Board must resolve that a Special General Meeting be convened. However, these meetings have a restricted agenda usually to resolve single issues.

Board Meetings

The LGANT Board Meetings are generally held on a monthly basis at the LGANT office in Darwin with the Board members participating in person or by teleconference. 

The Board is able, under the LGANT Constitution, to make decisions on behalf of the Association between General Meetings. Decisions from Board Meetings can feed into the agenda for General Meetings and vice versa. These meetings are also governed by the LGANT Constitution and Governance Charter.

Strategic Priority Working Groups

LGANT facilitates collaboration and coordination between councils through Strategic Priority Working Groups that provide expert advice on legislative and policy issues and advocacy priorities. These Groups align with the LGANT Strategic Plan and its seven strategic priorities.